Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What This Blog Is(and Is Not)

Blogging about Christian beliefs, the Word of God, and the move of His Hand in this present age....

As for me I am the graduate of a evangelical seminary with a M.Div and at present am working in the I.T. field until God calls me elsewhere.

As for my beliefs I hold steadfastly to salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone resting solely on the grace and work of God and the atoning sacrifice of His Son. I believe the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit constitute a triune Godhead. I also hold that the Word of God is infallible and is the sole source of authority on all theological matters. Along the more nuanced theological lines of thought I consider myself a full Calvinist though I admit "limited atonement" has always given me a moment's pause. I am a firm believer in man's state of sin and his inability to resolve his condemnation apart from the predestined work of the Holy Spirit as it acts upon a sinner's heart to foster regeneration.

This blog will be a reflection of those beliefs as well as an exploration of the intracicies of various theological issues. It also my hope to offer reflections on God's movement in my own life, contemplations of His Word, and consideration of the mysteries of this great salvation He has offered us in His grace.

What this blog will not be is political or cultural in any way unless theological issues come into play in those arenas. I have observed so many Christian blogs which produce more content as it related to conservative politics. And while I might subscribe to much of that viewpoint it is my goal here to offer consistent Biblical reflections and theological discussion.

It is my prayer that words written here on this blog will be from the heart, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and to the glory of God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ.

In Him,
Brian Barbour